Fine Western Art

We feel privileged to be working with some incredible artists in 2013 to offer fine Western art. The trading post offers various original works, prints, and other formats available for purchase.  We represent mixed media paintings, photography, digitally enhanced photographs of the West, prints and lines of cards.  We look forward to sharing their great work with you.


Shelle L indhol m paints animals with attitude.  Her primitive painting style has developed through exploration of the versatile medium of acrylics.  Scraping, carving and etching, Lindholm excavates layers of paint and wax.  Strongly influenced by folk art from around the world, her stylized animals race, romp, and rest while being dressed up in bold patterns and painted in earthy "Montana" colors.

Lindholm's work has traveled far and wide, hanging in museums, offices, restaurants, schools, churches, and homes.

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Paula is a resident of the Big Hole Valley and with her very artistic lens, she utilizes photography as a canvas for various digital and light enhancements. She communicates through her very diverse portfolio of the working cowboy, the expanse view vistas and landscapes underneath the "Big Sky", and the wildlife that inhabits the wild and remote places of Montana and beyond.

Her work has been published in various magazines and books, and it has been displayed in various galleries.  In Paula's words, "Montana has always been my dream.  It is now my reality. I live in the forest on a mountain, down a dirt road, off a remote two-laned, pot-holed, tar-patched, highway. I have access to thousands of acres of wilderness in my backyard. Come see what I have seen.  It takes my breath away."

You can learn more about Paula and her work by visiting her on her website at
Winter Wapiti by Shelle Lindholm will be on display and is available for purchase in 2013.     22 x 30   -  $2,200.00
Ready is by Paula Krugerud and is one of her "Ghost Rider" series. This image is printed on Giclee' Canvas and is creaded by using a one of a kind infrared process with one of her original photographs of a working cowboy.  This image is one of many that Paula will be hanging in the Hook & Horn in 2013
A glimpse of Paula Krugerud's photography.  To view and purchase her fine photography visit


Born in Central City, Nebraska, Carol Hagan has called Montana her home since she was seven years old. Spending most of her life in Montana has allowed her to nurture a deep love of the land and the animals that inhabit it-subjects that find their way into much of her current work.

Carol’s own journey as an artist began some 25 years ago. She has had no formal training, and has worked hard to develop her own style of expressing herself on paper and canvas. “My paintings come from my heart. They are a contemporary expression of my subject matter, both through my choices of vibrant color and the textures that I use.”

With work in private and corporate collections across the United States and abroad, Carol is represented in fine galleries in the West and Southwest. Upon seeing a piece of her work, Carol hopes that patrons understand her passion for color, for painting animals, and for the beauty of the West, as she strives to forge a trail of her own.

For more information on Carol Hagan Studios:

Pat & Carol Hagan Pat Hagan, Co-Director [email protected] Western Masters Art Show & Sale

Artwork above by Carol Hagan - Red Griz & Montana Whopper
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